Hello, I am Helena Kolarova,

I have been working in various fields of psychology in practice for over 30 years. The most significant experience in my professional life has become the Test of Semantic Colour Differential –TCSD and work on its development.

TCSD is a sociological – psychological method dealing with relationships that each man upholds towards others, his environment and himself. He is capable of connecting them with historical context and on such basis he can predict future events.

TCSD employs both conscious and unconscious mechanisms that are at a man´s disposal to heal. It teaches him how to plan his future, what to do, it helps to comprehend relationships that dominate unhealthy directions in life, and it helps to correct them. Life is a way, given that we know the arrow that designates direction, we do not wander about, that we advance further and further with bigger or lesser success. We are interested in life, we enjoy life.

If you want to build a power plant in a region that you do not know, you must learn about it much more than the fact that your products will sell well. For you, the one indication of your success in the future are the customs and ways that are natural and that are maintained in relationships of the people as a matter of course. TCSD can do all this.

I shall be pleased to co-operate with anyone who wants to know and to find, to be happy and to enrapture others, and with anyone who is serious about their life.