Helena Kolářová graduated in Edudation and Psychology from the Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University of Prague 1978.

After the graduation she worked as a Clinical Consultant Psychologist. Later she taught at The South – Bohemian University subjects: Psychology, sociology and philosophy. After it she acted as a psychologist at a reform school. Presently she works for The CC Systems Corporation, which deals with the EU education programmes.

H. K. has been engaged for 20 years in TCSD,which had been introduced first at The South – Bohemian University and after it at The European Psychology Congress in Tampere and at The X. European Psychology Congress in Prague 2007.

Above all she deals with the application of TCSD within the frame of psychology experience and she by herself has examined over 3.000 clients and patients. She is a member of The Czech Sexology Society and an author of a few articles: The Third Sex, Model and Essential Function of Conscious and Unconscious Structures of Personality and News in Experience.

TCSD is a method that helps the psychologists and sociologists , how to satisfactorily explain experience and behavior both individuals and groups. It describes the direct conscious and unconscious statements towards the specific values. With the indivuduals and groups it can manage….